Matthew Jackson
Matthew Jackson

As a freelance digital marketing consultant, I can help to make your marketing activity more effective so you know your key messages are hitting the right people at the right time.

I support from start-ups to SMEs and corporate businesses as well as consultants who are looking to develop digital marketing plans and get their use of social media in shape. I offer a wide range of digital marketing consultancy services, from overall strategy, SEO and PPC support services and social media strategy through to analytics, reporting, measurement and training.

I have over 10 years’ experience in digital marketing across agency, in-house, B2B and B2C that includes:

  • Agency, client-side and consultancy roles
  • Digital marketing: Search engine optimisation, paid search, display advertising, social media.
  • Websites: Site architecture, conversion rate optimisation and design & development consultancy support
  • Email & Affiliates: CRM, Email marketing, affiliate programs
  • Analytics: Google analytics, Google tag manager,

You can work with me for just a few hours, or longer-term on a retained basis. I like to be as flexible as possible so that you can get the most out of me and I can provide the most effective solution to my clients.

I offer consultancy, project management, advice clinics, training, audits and resources to make things happen.

If you would like to talk more about how I can help your business, please get in touch.