The pitch process can be very costly both for agencies responding to the pitch and for companies wanting to find the best agency for their needs.

Looking for an Agency?

If you are a business looking for an agency to run your marketing campaigns, then I can help you to find the right agency for you. From creating a brief, shortlisting agencies, interviewing agencies, pitching, costing and more, I can help you to make the whole process as painless as possible. I will help talk you through each stage and create the best brief to help you get the most suitable responses.

  • Creating a brief – The agency brief is a most important step. Not only does this help your choice of agency understand your requirements it will also help you to get straight what it is you are actually looking for. Depending on which types of agencies you want to respond to the brief there could be as many as 100 on your long list to send the brief to, if you have the brief right this will automatically help reduce the number of agencies you ask to pitch as well as the number of agencies who want to respond.
  • Shortlisting agencies – hopefully with the right brief you will automatically be able to find and list the right agencies for the job, the brief will also help the agencies to decide if they do want to respond to the brief. At this point you can create a long list for agencies to initially respond to the brief. From this list you then need to shortlist the agencies you want to pitch. Understanding, digesting and filtering the initial responses can take several days. I can help you to build a short list of agencies you want to see.
  • The Pitch Process – What should you ask a prospective agency, what should you look out for, how do you avoid agencies selling snake oil? If your brief and short list is good then the pitch process should fall into place but how do you work out who is the best agency for you. Do you look for chemistry, previous work, recommendations? The pitch process should be developed to give all agencies a level playing field and help you to pick out the people that will do the best job for you.
  • Negotiation – for SME’s it can be hard to understand what an agency will charge to carry out your work. By understanding the requirements you should be able to know what an agency can do for you and how many hours they might need to spend with you. From there you can start the process of negotiating with the agency you want.

Are you an agency wanting to streamline your pitch process?

Are you an agency wanting to win more business, do you want to convert more leads into paying clients, do you want to maximise the revenue from your clients? I can help you to understand some of these questions and plan your new business process more effectively.

  • Respond to briefs – The initial response to an inbound brief can often be the most important part of the pitch, it is your agency’s first impression and can make you get on that initial roster. However it can be time consuming and you might not be able to get all the information together quickly. I can help you to understand the important parts, build an effective template that can be used for a first response, help you discover ways to make more time for your response. 
  • Building a pitch team – Some agencies always send their top people to each pitch, but actually if those people aren’t going to be working on the account, how do you expect a client to start building a rapport with a potential client. By delegating pitch roles and responsibilities you can get your whole team involved with pitches giving them a sense of achievement and involvement, allowing your team to grow
  • Create time for pitches – for most agencies there is little time in the working day for you current client’s work never mind pitching for new work. How do you create the time to build and effective pitch process? Does your founder do all the new business work? I can help you to understand how to build a more effective pitch process so that the right amount of time can be allocated to winning you new business.