I have worked within the SEO industry for over 10 years and have a wide range of  Search Engine Optimisation experience.

Please visit one of my specialist area pages to find out how I can help:

  • Technical SEO
  • Link auditing
  • Off page SEO including content marketing
  • Content auditing

If you don’t know where to start I would recommend an audit to look at a variety of different parts of your website to pin point what aspects need more work on. After this initial audit we can then work on putting together an SEO strategy for you to start working on. If you want to carry some or all of the work out in house then I can support your internal team to do that or I can carry out any of the work needed to help you improve your positions.

Keyword and now more so Audience research can help to identify the most appropriate keywords that your website should be optimsed for. This could range from local based terms to target the most appropriate audience, but could extend to the most competitive terms in the industry to help the site rank well in organic search results at a national level.

Off page SEO can consist of creating natural links to your website. Whether through national and local press coverage to blogger outreach, the links need to be as natural as possible to ensure your site remains at the top of the search results. Some of my larger clients may look to create digital assets on site to help improve social shares, links and engagement with the website.